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While having a quick afternoon coffee break the other day, I scanned through my Twitter timeline and saw a tweet by Bridie from Bridie's Typing Services with a marketing tip and blog called 'Is your business out of sight, out of mind?'

In her blog she describes simple ways to keep your business on the mind of your customer and gives three examples:

Ever wondered how long your ink cartridge or toner will survive un-opened and un-used in your office? And by that we mean not used, still in its original packaging away from your printer.

You had to think about that for a second?! Or did you look for an expiry date on the cartridge?

More and more companies are turning to A4 printers to print their forms but still require carbonless paper to create instant copies.

Our range of A4 and A5 Carbonless Paper (80gsm) is ideal for anyone needing to print forms with duplicates, but where the quantity is possibly not enough to have NCR books/pads printed.

For many, ordering printed NCR books or NCR pads can be a bit daunting. There are quiet a few points to consider before putting in a printing job with your printer.

We want to help you to make it a more pleasurable/easy process and have put together a NCR printing checklist for you. These points are based on experiences we have made over the past few years when dealing with these types of printing requests and questions asked by customers.

So, here is our NCR books & pads pre-printing checklist:

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