Have you ever wondered how you can print a selected area of a PDF file? Or you received an artwork file that is larger than A4 and needed to print at least part of it?

Here's a little trick we learnt along the way that we want to share with you:

Okay, let's say you only want to print the Sun part of our logo from this PDF file:

0 Suncast Logo and AddressThe first thing you need to do is go to ‘Edit’ in the menu of this PDF file, then ‘Take a Snapshot’:

1 Edit  Take a Snapshot

Your cursor will change from the point to a light cross. Now it is time to mark or highlight the area you want to print, in this case it is the sun.

Once you marked your print area, there will be a blue box over it and an info box will pop up stating ‘The selected area has been copied’.

You can ignore the message box and click ‘okay.

2 Blue Box and Message Box


The next step is to select 'File' and 'Print'. A print box should be on your screen now where you can select various print option.
If you look at the below screen shot, you can see in the 'print preview' box the Sun is showing up on its own. Nothing else.

3 Print Preview


Hit 'Print' and voila, all done!

Such a simple yet great way to print part of a PDF file you need in actual size with not too much 'fiddling around' involved.