Look at your work desk right now. What do you see? Photos, a calendar (or two), cup(s), piles of paper and in there somewhere is also your (mobile) phone and a stack of pens.

We all want to be productive, more productive or the king of productivity. You thought about what you can do to streamline your day, from processes to meetings, what to eat and even when you should exercise to reach your productivity peak.

Now it is time to tackle your desk. Why? Because how your desk is organised and the way you can move on and around your desk are often forgotten factors to increase productivity.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 examples to help you on your desk productivity journey.

1. Desk toys/photos – Do you constantly look at them, thinking of good times with the people in the photo? Can’t resist to have a play? That’s a good indication that you need to move them off your desk completely or keep them to a minimum.
2. Desk/Chair set up –It’s important to feel comfortable while sitting at your desk. Ensure your chair, keyboard, mouse and monitor are all set up correctly. The image below provides you an idea what the ideal set up is.

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3. Stand up working – if you can, change it up! Walk around or stand up when working. Not only is this good for your body but also helps your brain to ‘wake up’ and feel revitalised.
4. Let others know you are busy – Block this time out and turn away anyone wanting to have a chat or ask questions. No exceptions.
5. And lastly, take a regular break – Breaks assist your brain from getting a little fed up and bored with what you are doing. It helps keep information in and make certain connections.

Small changes can make big difference. Including your desk in a productivity makeover could be the best thing you have done in a long time.