What’s the first thing you do when you start working day? Make a cup of coffee. This morning ritual is being repeated by hundreds of people across the globe, using this cup of precious black gold to get their day started right.

But have you ever thought about the good connection that coffee has with (your) work? We’ll highlight 3 positives to drink that extra cup today:

  1. Coffee keeps you alert! Yes, a bit of a no brainer, right?! To get rid of adenosine, which makes you sleepy, drinking coffee blocks the receptors in your brain that makes you feel that way (adenosine receptors) and according to this article ( https://redbooth.com/blog/coffee-and-productivity-at-work ) then ensures your brain no longer feels sleepy.
  2. Coffee is a pain relief! The National Institute for Health has found that consuming coffee can relief pain caused by working at a computer.
  3. Coffee makes things more social! Having that coffee break with your co-workers can make you more productive due to the social interaction. It can also make you happier at work, too!

There you have it. Maybe now would be a good time to take a break, grab a co-worker and get another cup of deliciousness that is coffee…